Artwork by Molly Aubry, seen in the upcoming show TVA. 

Artwork by Molly Aubry, seen in the upcoming show TVA. 

There is a submission review fee of $35.00 for 5 images

or $50.00 for 10 images

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$1000 CREATION GRANT - Deadline: MAY 31, 2018


Artist Creation Grant/Art Purchase Award is bi-monthly art award that is intended to help fuel the creativity of artists and help give artists the funding needed to support the ongoing art making process.

This award is available to all artists worldwide, working in all traditional and new visual arts mediums, including but not limited to: conceptual, installation, drawing, painting, prints, sculpture, glass, mixed media, new media, and photography. We regret that we do not accept submissions for music, video, performance or dance.


If you are selected as a winner- two things will happen;


1st : You'll recieve $1000, and in return we ask that the award recipient is willing to exchange one of their original works or smaller series of original works for inclusion in our collection, in return for our award. Work considered by the artist as of equal value, and available for acquisition can be negotiated upon receipt of the award. Please send us your best work for review.


2nd : the winner will be entered into a second jurying process at the end of the year. In December, a panel of jurist’s will be assembled and will select the best out of the (5) 2018 winners to awarded an additional $5000 grant, as well as a solo show in our gallery during the following show season as a Grand Prize.


If you are interested in being considered for our award, please send us 5 (or 10) digital images/files of recent work via email to: with the subject line, May Grant Application.

Include titles, media, and sizes of each pieces submitted, no CV's are required but will be accepted if the artist would like to include them. There is no written proposal or extra application form to fill out. This is an award based upon the merit of the artwork itself.

There is a submission review fee of $35.00 for 5 images, or $50.00 for 10 images.

Payable via the donation button, this review fee offset the costs of the effort to fund meaningful work by exciting emerging and mid-career artists, and allows us to market the winners as well donate to an additional charitable arts organization at the end of the year when the Grand Prize is announced.

Award recipients agree by completing their submission, to limited use of their images or other representation of their artwork and general information to be featured on this site and corresponding promotional media. All rights will be retained by the artists. If selected, artworks purchased by the grant will be displayed on our website and social media, and in our gallery collection to be used to help promote the artist.

Submissions for the next deadline of the Artist Creation Grant/Art Purchase Award must be submitted by midnight of May 31st, 2018. We do notify all participants of the results and we invite you to follow us on Facebook, and Instagram. Thanks for your participation. We look forward to viewing your work!